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Web Presence

I have been a builder of Websites for nearly 30 years. I learned the 'language' of the web back when there were basically two web browsers; Mosaic and Netscape Navigator. I witnessed the advent of Internet Explorer and Opera, and later, Apple's Safari web browser. I have a history with websites. With all of the do-it-yourself options available, I still prefer to build a more tailored web presence for my clients. I currently use content management systems, but I tailor them to each specific purpose.

Graphics & Art

I create my own graphics & artwork. From traditional artwork such as sketches, graphite drawings, paintings and sculpture, I turmed to digital art as it became a more viable compliment to building websites. I have recently returned to the more traditional forms as well, and hope to awaken those skills.

Ocassionally, I'll be posting my work here, so keep watching for updates!

About Rick

I am a U.S. Navy Cold War veteran with a background in electronics, telecommunications, quality management and information technology. My passions, aside from my faith and family, are chivalry, history, technology, art, and helping people. If you'd like to learn more, click the button below.