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Let's face it, brand recognition definately gives a company some credibility.  Despite the adage 'you can't judge a book by its cover' - people do.  It's the first thing your potential customer will see and their first impression of your company.  You need a logo that will acurately represent your company, your values and your vision.

I can help you with a logo idea, but since logos are a matter of personal taste, let me also point you to a few other websites that provide logos.

I have listed some online logo makers in the box at the right.  If you're interested in having me design one specifically for you, just ask.  Below is a small sample of some logos I have designed in the past:


  • Double H Services

    Double H Services

    Logo designed for an oilfield services company
    Midland, Texas.

  • CMO Services

    CMO Services

    Logo designed for an oilfield services company.
    Midland, Texas

  • Infinergy Wind & Solar

    Infinergy Wind & Solar

    Logo designed for an alternative energy company.
    Midland, Texas

  • Mouzers Pet Products

    Mouzers Pet Products

    Logo designed for pet products company.
    Midland, Texas

  • RCC Ventures

    R.C.C. Ventures

    Logo designed for venture capital company.

  • Larkin Web Solutions

    Larkin Web Solutions

    Logo designed for another web design company.

  • Hollywood Canteen

    Hollywood Canteen

    Logo designed for a radio show.

  • DIJ Maritime

    DIJ Maritime

    Logo designed for a maritime compliance company.
    Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Double H Services Logo 1
  • CMO Services Logo 2
  • Infinergy Wind & Solar Logo 3
  • Mouzers Pet Products Logo 4
  • RCC Ventures Logo 5
  • Larkin Web Solutions Logo 6
  • Hollywood Canteen Logo 7
  • DIJ Maritime Logo 8


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